For sure a lot of people can relate to this. With all the heavy traffic everywhere and the approaching holiday season, you just want to hang out in the nearest mall and restaurant near you. Unfortunately, if you are living in the South area, most of the newest places to try are in Makati, Taguig and QC Area.

But guess what? Solenad 3 brought different restaurants to try. One of which is the Early Bird Breakfast Club. Been seeing this in my instagram feed but never got the chance to visit them because I had not time to brave the heavy traffic. So when I heard that it opened a branch in Nuvali, just had to check it out!

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Been married for one year and seven months and I couldn’t just be any happier. I know some will say that we are just starting and this might change after having children, going through rough times and staying together for more than a decade. But hey, I really feel blessed and this has been an amazing journey for me and my husband. So if you are single and waiting/looking for the right one, hope this will inspire you. For newly married like us, I know you can share these blissful moments with us. For couples who have been together for more than a decade, hope you continue to inspire young couples like us and see the goodness in each other after being used to see your spouse’s face every single day.

Here are the ten things I enjoy having when I got married.

  1. HOLY SEX- One can lead to two and countless kisses without feeling guilty.
  2. NO BREAK UP OR COOL OFF- So I always want to make it right.
  3. BIGGER WORLD- I support my husband to be better in everything he does. I help him explore and try new things that can help him hone his craft. And vice versa.
  4. DREAMING AND PRAYING TOGETHER- Being under one roof helps us to have more concrete plans and discern it together. Prayer time is also easier.
  5. LEARN AND LIVE MORE- I began to explore about life when I got married. Contrary to what others say, that your life will end when you get married. Restrictions. Time. Priorities.
  6. GROWTH- Yes, we’ve only just begun so we always talk about what we fight about and how we can love each other more. Avoiding the things that hurt your spouse really helps to improve your marriage.
  7. GOD IS AT THE CENTER- Period.
  8. TEMPTATION PROOF-Whenever we go out, I use his eyes and he uses mine. If there are things that your partner will not be happy seeing you do or say, then think twice. Better be busy loving your partner. Always look and feel best for your and for him.
  9. LOVE MYSELF MORE- When I do, I love him more. I can give more.
  10. GREATER SENSE OF PURPOSE- Waking up and sleeping next to the person I love the most gives me the drive to do more.



In our society, most of the time, it’s really the man who makes the first move and approach the woman he likes. If she would allow, he will court her. Then the rest is history.


What if you found your guy, do you have to wait for him to notice you?

How about good guys who are having a hard time to say that first magic “Hello”?

Where do you draw the line between flirting and “friending” (my own term *wink*)?

My story was different. I made the first move. How? I tried friendship. I remember one conversation I had with a male friend. I told him that I don’t believe in courtship because most guys will just show the best version of themselves. The “best foot forward” game and eventually in the course of relationship, the girl will find out that he’s somewhat different from her first impression.


That male friend? Well, we decided to be friends, treat each other as good friends… best of friends. And he became my husband.

  1. Friendship is the foundation of our relationship.

I cannot think of any better foundation than this. I told my husband (who’s just my friend back then) that I do not believe in courtship. Don’t get me wrong. I have my values intact. It’s just that I cannot take those “best foot forward” game. Tendency is, you may pretend to be someone else to please that person and over time, your real personality will show. Disappointments will happen. Differences will be irreconcilable and you’ll choose to part ways. Worst, you’ll end up being strangers again. You’ll no longer remember the good memories but just the changes that happened and the hurts.

Besides, when you both grow old and romance is swaying, solid friendship will keep the love alive.

  1. Friendship saved us from our physical struggle: pre-marital sex.

We were both raised up well by our parents with our values intact. Our parents inculcated the importance of marriage before sex. But the struggle is real. When you are in relationship and you are deeply in love with that person, you want to express your affection in all means possible. Yes, without thinking of any restrictions. But this friendship allowed us to be more open with each other. I remember we discussed how physical intimacy can affect our relationship. And this is going against our Catholic faith. In a conference (Kerygma Conference) we attended last 2011, my husband decided not to kiss me until our wedding day to show his commitment to our relationship and his respect to me. It was fun! We focused on planning and growing as individuals. We learned more about each other.

  1. Friendship allowed us to have an open communication.

Friendship helped us to be more open to each other. Instead of focusing on each other’s body, we focused on our dreams. We did not want to be suffocated by our relationship so we explored on the things we want to do. We continued to be busy loving our family, community and reaching our goals. We had more time getting to know each other. Instead of keeping secrets, we shared everything and allowed God to be center of our relationship.

  1. Friendship guided us to our “I Dos”.

We went steady for six years before our engagement. This friendship helped us as well in our wedding preparations. Since we are bestfriends, we were very open with our budget, the people we want to see there, our priorities and the preparation after the wedding.

  1. Friendship is still the key to our happy marriage.

He is the person I fight with the most but he is also the one I love the most. We are each other’s worst critique yet number one fan. We see each other’s worst flaws yet compliment strengths and success. I just cannot imagine my life without this man who’s selflessly sharing his life with me. I just know that even in our graying years, when we can only enjoy a day of conversation, I will still be happy in his arms.


The best of lovers are indeed the best of friends, your spouse should be your best friend. Remember how you can be yourself to your very very close friends? How you open up everything, share your joys and sadness, the fun and excitement when you meet and share stories. The way you tell each other when you are ok with the idea or not. But this time, you are with that person for the rest of your life. LOVE requires friendship. At the end of the day, you want to be yourself to the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Your heart should feel at home. #TRYFRIENDSHIP.


Starting my #theparallelproject by  designing a classic red culottes that is sleek and sexy for a wedding my husband and I attended last week. Let me know your thoughts on this. For me, I just love how I can play with the portrait neckline flattering my collarbone. I also tried something that I can wear comfortably without compromising the required dress code of the event.

IMG_4229Style: LoveMCosio            Made by: My Mom


Details: NudexBlack Pumps, Portrait Neckline and Black clutch


My clutch.


With my forever date.



Happy Skin’s ZZ Cream


Happy Skin’s ZZ Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream


My no-makeup make up look using the ZZ cream and Shut Up & Kiss Me’s Crushing on You


Preview of the cream

Love Finds: Product Review

Happy Skin’s

ZZ Zit Zapper

Second Skin Cream

I am a fan of imported make up products from skin care to cosmetics. The first time I heard about Happy Skin last year I got curious because of their product names like “Shut up and Kiss Me” Lipsticks, “Eye Need a Miracle” corrector and “All Eyes on Hue” eyeshadows. Back then, I was looking for a foundation that is easy to use, lightweight and can really suit my sensitive skin/oily skin. I used to suffer with minor pimples whenever I wear foundation that irritates my skin. Unfortunately, I just buy products based on recommendation of a friend or based on magazine features. Then I found ZZ Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream. This was a bold decision to try liquid than loose or pressed powder. First there was BB Cream, then CC and now ZZ!! Amazing! The thing that really got me was their description that it is “Foundation for Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin”.

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The process of making one.


Previous dreamboard


Latest Dreamboard 0515

I learned about making dreamboards from a mentor in 2009. He said you should always visualize the things you want to achieve and the person you want to be. I started with getting my magazine collection from the rack and cut all the words/ phrases/statements and pictures that I can connect to my dreams. Even if it hurts me to remember the cost of all those magazines back when I bought it, it made me happy to recycle it and remember why I bought it in the first place. (For example, the celebrity on the cover and the articles featured in the issue.) I will cut those and arrange them artistically (well, yes according to my taste). I remember cutting each picture and word bring me closer to my dreams. I felt ecstatic! At first, I thought those dreams are way too impossible for me to reach. But I still gave it a try.

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